SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

SCRAM CAMManufactured by SCRAM Systems, SCRAM CAM® (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) is the industry’s cutting-edge and only court-validated continuous alcohol monitoring (CAM) system that also incorporates house arrest technology in one device. Recovery Healthcare has been servicing courts with SCRAM CAM since 2003.

SCRAM CAM combines the only proven CAM device on the market with house arrest to helps courts and agencies monitor offenders 24/7 for drinking, while simultaneously being able to ensure they are confined to their homes during mandated hours of the day. Designed specifically for application in long-term monitoring programs where abstinence is required and home confinement monitoring may also be needed, SCRAM CAM delivers a fact-based, comprehensive profile of an offender’s alcohol consumption patterns and curfew whereabouts to the supervising authorities.

SCRAM CAM tests for alcohol every half hour around the clock and monitors continuously for presence in the home during court-specified hours. With SCRAM CAM, CAM can be used by itself or combined with house arrest as needed–depending on the offense, situation, or behavior while on the program. This gives courts and agencies tremendous flexibility in how they can manage offenders.

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